Speaker Presentations


Pre-Symposium: March 3, 2020

PS1: Body, Seating and Frame Measurements from Assessment to Delivery (PPT | Handouts)
Kelly Waugh, Stephanie Tanguay

PS2: Baby Power: Faciliating Early Power Mobility Use for Infants and Toddlers
Jessica Presperin Pedersen, Lisbeth Nilsson, Lisa Kenyon, Heather Feldner

Main Symposium: Wednesday, March 4, 2020

KEYNOTE: Trying to Overcome the Big Problems of Aging
Geoff Fernie


PLENARY: Whose Voice? When What Matters to Patients and Families Drives Care
Isabel Jordan



PLENARY: Promoting Quality Care for Clients with Bariatric Care Needs: Key Issues to Address
Mary Forhan


A2: IT DEPENDS – The Answer to Most Wheelchair Seating and Positioning Questions: Breaking Down the Guidelines for Measuring Wheelchairs and Seating. Is There Only One Answer?
Jane Fontein

B1: Entering the World of Power Assist for Manual Wheelchairs - Who? Why? When?
Christie Hamstra, Darren Hammond, Olivia Tefra

B2: BACK IT UP! Back Supports’ Impact on Body Systems and Scapular Function
Elaina Halkiotis, Brenlee Mogul-Rotman

B3: Upright Mobility is FUNdamental
Ginny Paleg

Simulataneous Paper Sessions #1
1iv. Explorer Mini: Young Children's First Driving Experience
Sam Logan, Teresa Plummer, Claire Morress

Main Symposium: Thursday March 5, 2020


PLENARY: I Can Drive! Exploring Self-Controlled Powered Mobility
Tim Adlam, Lisbeth Nilsson



Simulataneous Paper Sessions #2
1iv. Pressure Management – Innovation and Service Delivery in Wales
Mark Bowtell

1v. The Every Person's Guide to Creating a New Seating Clinic
Genevieve Jamin

2i. The Effect of Seating Setup on Shear Forces Experienced at the Seating Interface

Jacob Redwood-Thomas

3iv. An Online Educational Resource for Learning How to Use the Level of Sitting Scale to Classify the Sitting Ability of Children and Youth
Debbie Field

C4: Palliative Care and Complex Rehab Technology
Jean Minkel

PANEL PRESENTATION: Celebrating Life on Wheels: Across the Lifespan
Lee Ann Hoffman, Todd Hargroder, Doug Garven, Mark Schmitt


Main Symposium: Friday March 6, 2020

E2: Seating Hacks: Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Therapists with Limited Funding, Equipment, and Time
Danielle Rae, Jen Gellis

F1: The Impact of Wheelchair Seating and Mobiliy on Cardiopulmonary Function
Theresa Crytzer

F2: Fact vs. Fiction: What Do We Know About Standing Programs?
Ginny Paleg

PLENARY: Why Should I Let Big Brother Monitor My Wheelchair Usage? Let's Discuss
Sharon Sonenblum, Chris Maurer


PLENARY: A Wheelchair Spot on Airplanes
Michele Erwin


PLENARY: Not All Who Wish to Wander are Able
Christopher Lunsford


PLENARY: Mobility 101: A Modern Primer (or... What Would Cole Do?)
Heather Feldner