AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH
Booth: 96
The company AAT Alber Antriebstechnik develops, manufactures and deals with products inrehabilitation, transportation and medical aids technology. As for rehabilitation technology AAT constructs and manufactures mobility aids for physically handicapped people such as motor stair climbers, pushing and braking aids and add-on power kits for wheelchairs.

Accessible Designs, Inc.
Booth: 9
ADI designs and manufactures cutting edge products for people with disabilities. ADI’s mission is to
provide solutions for the physically challenged with innovation and advanced technology while maintaining the highest commitment to quality.
With the options of carbon fiber or aluminum support shells, 11 widths, five heights, three contours, and six mounting hardware options, ADI offers more options than any other manufacturer. Their “build a back” mentality allows the user or clinician to choose the back support that best fits their postural needs and then select the mounting hardware that best integrates with the manual or power chair frame. ADI disc brake systems provide the user or attendant true wheelchair braking as well as full wheel locks. Multiple options in brake levers as well as mounting locations make the disc brakes easy to use for wheelchair users of all levels. Other ADI products include transfer boards, push and transfer gloves, carbon fiber seat bases and carbon fiber side guards. For additional product information, please visit or email [email protected]

Activeaid Inc.
Booth: 78
Activeaid is a Manufacturer of a diverse and extensive line of Rehab Shower and Commode chairs. We will be demonstrating several products that include Positioning, Tilt-in -Space, and customizing capabilities.

Adaptive Engineering Lab
Booth: 36
AEL is a wheelchair seating and positioning manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. Offering innovative and exclusive technology to improve the quality of life for wheelchair users is at the heart of our business. “Think AEL” for your positioning needs.

Adaptive Switch Laboratories, Inc.
Booth: 22
ASL designs products specifically for those who cannot access their environment through conventional means. Our products and designs are a direct result of the needs of those we serve. Our goal has always been independence and equal rights for those we work with.

AKW Industries USA Inc.
Booth: 99
AKW INDUSTRIES’ mission is to manufacture and market world class products which focus on quality, value, and service to enhance our clients’ product footprint in their respective market. Our Company is dedicated to our customers by consistently offering the best quality products in: Foam, Gel and Air Seat Cushions, Back Cushions, Lumbar Supports, and Foam and Gel Pillows and Beddings. AKW Industries
offers quality with aggressive pricing, world-class customer service with friendly people to work with. Move forward knowing AKW Industries will stand by you and your company throughout.

Booth: 84, 85, 86
Amysystems recently launched a new second generation of the Alltrack Series. It offers the same outstanding quality and balanced performance throughout its range, but benefits from some lighter components and a sleeker look. The Alltrack Series is a higher quality power wheelchair platform which comes in multiple configurations, all with the outstanding (GC3) 6-wheel interactive suspension and additional seat suspension, driving performance and style to another level.

Beds By George
Booth: 89
High Quality Safety Beds. We are a family owned company that builds beautiful safety beds for special needs children, youth, adults, as well as handicapped, disabled and medically fragile individuals who need extra fall and entrapment protection while in bed. All handbuilt by Amish craftsmen in Indiana and shipped all over the US and Canada.

BlueSky Designs, Inc.
Booth: 1
The Mount’n Mover mounting system by BlueSky Designs, is the only mounting system available that can be independently moved by the user. This mount offers secure positioning of iPads, tablets, speech devices, laptops, cameras, eating/reading trays - on wheelchairs, tables or floor stands. Coming soon – Pow!r Mount motorized mounting system.

Bodypoint, Inc.
Booth 43, 44
At Bodypoint, we know that correct positioning leads to a more fulfilling lifestyle. Every device we make, no matter how simple, affects someone's mobility and independence. For 25 years, we’ve created better connections between wheelchairs and people.
Learn more:

Broda Seating
Booth: 51, 52
Since 1981, Broda Seating has been manufacturing tilt and recline chairs that help improve quality of life. Broda combines comfort for patients and caregiver-friendly features. Broda chairs offer pressure redistribution and accommodate common seating concerns as well as conditions and diseases including Huntington’s Chorea, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and knee contractures.

Colours Wheelchair
Booth: 10
Since 1981, Broda Seating has been manufacturing tilt and recline chairs that help improve quality of life. Broda combines comfort for patients and caregiver-friendly features. Broda chairs offer pressure redistribution and accommodate common seating concerns as well as conditions and diseases including Huntington’s Chorea, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and knee contractures.

Comfort Company
Booth: 37, 38, 39
Comfort Company provides wheelchair seating & positioning products and accessories that are manufactured in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Through a dedication to quality products and reliable customer service, Comfort Company strives to improve the daily life of wheelchair users around the world. For additional information on Comfort Company or the Vicair, Premier Comfort, or Comfort Designs product lines, please visit

Booth: 70
For over 35 years, Convaid has been building quality wheelchairs and is the leading manufacturer of lightweight, compact-folding wheelchairs for children and adults. We aim to provide the best combination of corrective positioning, comfort, durability, and safety in a product that is both attractive and easy to use.

Booth: 97
Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial division is a recognized leader in the production of critical controls and assemblies for specialty vehicles, including sensors, electronic throttle controls and joysticks. Its PG Drives Technology business has almost 40 years’ experience in sophisticated mobility control systems and is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of controllers for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Daedalus Technologies, Inc.
Booth: 104
Daedalus Technologies, Inc. is the manufacturer of DAESSY Mounting Systems – Making Technology More Accessible since 1986. The leader in mount systems, supports and stands for AAC devices and computers or switches. A customizable components based system to fit users’ individual needs.

Daher Manufacturing Inc.
Booth: 112
Daher Manufacturing Inc. is proud to say that our products are the result of more than 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of health care aids and wheelchair accessories. Furthermore, our quality assurance program controls the entire production process from initial concept to delivery, ensuring superior merchandise and reliability at the most cost effective prices.

Drive DeVilbiss
Booth: 41, 42
Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare expands its presence in pediatric market through its newly aligned rehab division comprised of Columbia Medical, Wenzelite and SOS (UK) brands. We manufacture a complete line of customized solutions for bathing, toileting, mobility and seating products to improve the lives of individuals with special needs.

Dynamic Health Care Solutions
Booth: 56, 71
Dynamic Health Care Solutions is the Canadian distributor for the RAZ shower Commode Chairs, Vicair seating and Surfaces Series and the manufacturer/distributor of the nxt Seating Series.

EasyStand (Altimate Medical, Inc.)
Booth: 68, 69
EasyStand is the unsurpassed pioneer of standing technology. Standing is all we do – and we offer the widest array of sizes and options on the market. Today, tens of thousands of people enjoy a higher quality of life by using an EasyStand.

Epical Solutions
Booth: 108
Epical Solutions is a specialty durable equipment reseller for products, including the FreeWheel™ Wheelchair Attachment, Wheelblades and Active Hands, in the United States and Canada. Our goal is to help build and nurture a strong reseller network by providing great products, solid solution knowledge, superior service and an excellent client experience to help dealers most effectively bring solutions to their customers.

Falcon Rehabilitation Products
Booth: 7
Freedom Concepts
Booth: 109
Freedom Concepts custom-builds mobility devices for individuals with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, Angelman syndrome, Rett syndrome, and visually impaired. Freedom Concepts custom designed tricycles, walkers, and chairs provide mobility and therapeutic benefits for thousands of special needs individuals throughout Canada and the U.S.

Freedom Designs
Booth: 34
Freedom Designs has been in the business of designing and manufacturing adaptive seating and positioning systems for over twenty five years. From these years of experience, we truly understand that proper positioning is crucial to the wheelchair-bound client. Freedom Designs offers a wide variety of seating systems to help accomplish optimal positioning. Since no two clients’ bodies are ever the same, different components are appropriate for different individuals - therefore Freedom Designs manufactures completely custom seating. We offer a vast array of color options, materials, foams, and embroidery patterns to accommodate a wide range of client needs.

Go! Mobility Solutions
Booth: 111
GO! Mobility's "GO-Anywhere" Chairs enable physically-challenged individuals and their families to travel wherever they'd like to go, whenever they want to go. Completely portable, these commode/shower chairs fold, pack away easily in their wheeled travel bag. Convenient and lightweight GO-Anywhere Chairs are safe, durable, easy to use, comfortable and maintenance free. We ship worldwide and customer service is second to none!

Booth: 114, 115
Handicare offers solutions to increase the independence of those with mobility and accessibility needs, as well as to improve the convenience of those who are caring for them. Our wide range of high-quality products includes scooters, power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, rollators, ramp systems and bath lifts.

Innovation In Motion
Booth: 91, 92
Innovation In Motion is the exclusive distributor in North America for the Magic Mobility and Ormesa line of products. Magic Mobility manufactures the X8 Extreme 4x4 and the V6 Frontier Mid-Wheel Drive All Terrain Powered Wheelchair. Ormesa’s product line includes the New Bug tilt in space seating system, Grillo and Dynamico gait trainer, Birillo pre-gait trainer, Standy, Mini Standy, Dondolino pronne stander, Clip and New Novus Stroller, and the Giudi tilt-in-space geriatric chair. From Indiana Innovation In Motion warehouses full inventory of both lines and does final assemble.

Invacare Corporation
Booth: 30, 31, 32, 33
Invacare Corporation (NYSE:IVC) is the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative home and long-term care medical products that promote recovery and active lifestyles. The company has 5,000 associates and markets its products in 80 countries around the world. For more information, visit Invacare’s website at

Joerns RecoverCare
Booth: 106
Joerns RecoverCare is revolutionizing healthcare through an unmatched suite of advanced prevention, patient care and handling products, services and programs. With one of the most comprehensive distribution and service networks in North America, we focus on the improving patient and caregiver experiences by placing the well-being of others at the center of everything we do.

Ki Mobility
Booth: 79, 80, 81, 82
Better by Design is a simple statement that expresses what's behind our approach to all of our products and services. Throughout our history we have focused on providing the assistive technology professional with products and services that makes their job easier. It didn't just happen. We designed it this way. What makes a wheelchair extraordinary is how well it fits the needs and ambitions of the person using it. Our service and product lines ensure that each individual story matters. We feel it is important that both our people and our products remain accessible and available to you. We strive to create a unique place in the market: offering you more than just best-in-class products. We are here to support you. To make it easier for you, the complex rehab professional, to meet the needs of your clients.

Booth: 113

Booth: 94, 95
Celebrating 40 years in business, LEVO has THE most complete line of Standing Wheelchairs in the world. From manually propelled/manual standers, to power driven/power standers, LEVO continues its "Experts in Standing" role worldwide. Visit our booth to see for the first time the Summit EL. Already a hit in Europe, this extremely lightweight manually propelled/power standing wheelchair is soon to take over this market segment in the states. Please visit our booth. Get Vertical!.

MAX Mobility
Booth: 83
The SmartDrive is a revolutionary new power assist device that will change your life. It can power you upsteep hills and through thick carpet. It is intuitive to use, just push to go and tap to stop, it's that simple. The new Bluetooth wrist control is amazing. Get yours and get out there!

MK Battery
Booth: 93
MK Battery supplies Sealed VRLA batteries, both Gel and AGM, to the HME market for use in power mobility equipment. .

Mobility Management
Booth: 21
Mobility Management is a professional publication serving the seating, wheeled mobility and accessibility fields. MM updates ATPs and clinicians on the clinical issues, policies and products that impact their practices and businesses. MM's portfolio includes, aimed at wheelchair users and their families to promote dialogue and share ideas that advance their many abilities.

Motion Composites
Booth: 40, 55

Motion Composites believes in empowering wheelchair users. Clunky and inefficient equipment are unfortunately too common and something had to be done. Wheelchairs simply need to be better and that’s why we use the very best technology available to enhance mobility and improve peoples’ lives.

Better mobility is achieved through light, rigid, efficient, adjustable and reliable devices. Launched in 2008, the Helio was the first everyday wheelchair to use high-end materials and cutting-edge engineering to revolutionize how we think about wheelchairs.

With the feedback received and the knowledge acquired, we are extremely proud to launch a new generation of innovative wheelchairs.

We did it, again.

Motion Concepts
Booth: 28, 29
Motion Concepts creates an extensive range of power positioning and seating products to satisfy all your needs, from basic to complex. Whether your clients require Tilt to alleviate pressure, or the added function of an Elevating Seat to access out-of-reach items, Motion Concepts offers effective and economical solutions in the shortest time-frame possible.

Nuprodx, Inc.
Booth: 11
Nuprodx designs and manufactures innovative bathroom equipment to increase the independence of seniors and folks with disabilities. Our multiCHAIR series commode / bath / shower chairs and patented tub-slider systems increase safety by reducing or eliminating risky transfers. With their modular design, they’re strong for everyday use and light and portable for travel use everywhere. And, being proudly "Made In The USA" in our Fresno, CA facility, only Nuprodx can do custom work for hard-to-fit clients.

Booth: 72, 73, 74, 75
Established in 1919 in Germany, Ottobock opened its doors in the U.S. in 1958 and in Canada in 1978. Currently in its third generation as a privately held company, Ottobock offers products and services to help people increase and retain their physical independence.

Pacific Rehab Inc.
Booth: 116
Pacific Rehab has earned the reputation of distributing innovative and well designed pediatric products. The Headpod, in 2013 was awarded one of its "Best Pick Products" by Mobility Management. The Buddy Roamer, Meywalk, Miniwalk and new MK4 gait trainers continue to demonstrate that function and durability are possible.

Booth: 6
Panthera AB is a manufacturer of lightweight manual rigid frame wheelchairs. The product range covers all age ranges with rigid frame wheelchairs distributed to over 40 countries. We focus on the 3 most important features of a manual wheelchair; seating, driving and lifting, from a user’s perspective. For more information, visit our website

Parsons ADL Inc.
Booth: 24
Parsons ADL Inc. is the largest manufacturer and distributor of home healthcare products in Canada. The wide variety of assistive devices for living (ADL‘s) promotes independent living for disabled and elderly populations in Canada and internationally. The product line includes: bathroom safety, wheelchair accessories, transfer devices and tableware.

PDG: Product Design Group
Booth: 46, 47, 48, 49
PDG designs and manufactures award-winning tilt-in-space wheelchairs, extra-wide heavy-duty bariatric wheelchairs, and ultralight wheelchairs. These products fit the needs of many individuals, providing improved function and independence. PDG products include the Fuze T20, Fuze T50, Fuze T50Jr, Bentley, Stellar, Stellar HD, Stellar GL, Eclipse, Luna, and Elevation. For more information, please visit

Permobil, Inc.
Booth: 62, 63, 64, 65
For more than 40 years, Permobil has been working with, and for, people throughout the world with various kinds of functional disability. We are so privileged to have such strong relationships with our customers and know that our products are an important part of their daily lives. It is one of the primary ways we measure the success of our company… keeping the focus on people and their needs. For more information about Permobil, visit or call 1-800-736-0925.For more than 40 years, Permobil has been working with, and for, people throughout the world with various kinds of functional disability. We are so privileged to have such strong relationships with our customers and know that our products are an important part of their daily lives. It is one of the primary ways we measure the success of our company… keeping the focus on people and their needs. For more information about Permobil, visit or call 1-800-736-0925.

Physipro Inc.
Booth: 50
Physipro is a leader in designing and manufacturing complex rehabilitation technology products. We are committed to developing more effective aids, devices, and equipment for maximum comfort and greater freedom. Physipro’s product line is the result of 30 years of experience perfecting this fusion of custom and off-the-shelf products. All of our products are made in Canada!

Booth: 35

PinDot was founded in 1982 by Michael Silverman and his father, Oscar Silverman. Together they developed the products (ContourU, Silhouette, Shape Sensor) and processes that remain the core business of PinDot. Now with our modern software and hardware, PinDot can build virtually any seating system.

Our Customer Service and Manufacturing teams are located together in our Ohio factory, and whether you need molded-in aluminum reinforcements, molded-in recesses for soft spots, or anything else imaginable, our PinDot team has the people and processes needed to get the job done for you.

Precision Seating Solutions, LLC
Booth: 98
Finally, an affordable pressure mapping system! Precision Seating Solutions is proud to present the newest technology in pressure mapping at a cost which is well within every facility's budget. Precision's PS 256 Pressure Mapping System designed with affordability and ease of use in mind. The PS 256 is compatible with any Windows computer software and has every clinical feature the high dollar systems have, for thousands of dollars less than its competitors. This is truly a must see! An industry-changing product which has been years in the making providing every clinician, rehab professional, and end user with the technology they need, at a price they can afford! Visit our booth for a demonstration or request an on-site demo for your facility today!

Prime Engineering
Booth: 76, 77
Prime Engineering, an industry leader for twenty-nine years, is proud of our dedication to producing user friendly and clinically functioning products for the clients and professionals relying on them. Prime Engineering is a leader in standing and gait equipment that includes the Granstand III, Superstand, KidWalk, and Symmetry.

PRM, Inc.
Booth: 57
PRM Inc. is a wheelchair seating manufacturer. We currently have three cushion product lines. The Signature-Fit product line is a custom molded system which uses a digital video camera in place of the linear potentiometer system for digitizing. The Precision-Fit line is a custom measured seating system based on client measurements. Lastly an off-the-shelf cushion line with two models the Contoured-fit and the Comfort-Fit cushions.

Pro Medicare S.R.L.
Booth: 107
Pro Medicare S.R.L. is an Italian Manufacturing Company operating in the rehabilitation field. Taking advantage of 20 years of experience in research, it is involved in the development and production of seating systems and modular aluminum frames. In its portfolio of products, Adacta-Versa , Adacta Klim, the Inserto seating solution.

Quantum Rehab
Booth: 15, 16
Quantum Rehab® is a premier global innovator of consumer-inspired complex rehab products, including the Q6 Edge® 2.0 and Quantum Series of power bases, iLevel™ seat elevation technology, TRU-Balance® 3 Power Positioning Systems, Q-Logic 2 Drive Control System, Synergy® Cushions and Backs, and Stealth® Products positioning components. Please visit

R82, Inc.
Booth: 87, 88
R82, Inc. manufactures and distributes exceptional seating, mobility, gait training, standing, transportation, bathing, toileting, and patient transfer products for both children and adults. Please visit us at and to see our complete range of products.

R&M Health Care Inc.
Booth: 25
R&M Health Care is proud to be distributing quality home health care products in the Canadian marketplace. These products include seating and positioning devices from The Comfort Company and paediatric strollers, walkers and wheelchairs manufactured by Hoggi.

RAZ Design Inc.
Booth: 2
RAZ Rehab Shower Commode Chairs can be prescribed, configured and adjusted for maximum comfort / function. Raz has the most seating and positioning options (amongst RSCC’s) including 25 non-custom seats. Only Raz offers the Ischial & Pelvic Alignment System (IPAS) which allows the aperture to adjusted around the user’s IT’s.

RAM Mounting Systems
Booth: 105
RAM® is a leading manufacturer in rugged, durable mounting systems and docking stations for mobile electronics. RAM® utilizes a patented ball and socket mounting system that allows you to mount practically anything anywhere. Made in the USA and backed with a Lifetime Warranty, RAM® is your best choice for versatile mounting solutions.

Ride Designs
Booth: 3, 4
Ride Designs ® is unique in being both a practicing seating clinic and manufacturer. Ride’s seating solutions originate from our clinic’s direct care of thousands of people with complex seating needs. A highly experienced team of therapists, orthotists, and engineers have translated clinical solutions into patented processes and innovative products.

Rifton Equipment
Booth: 100, 101
Partnering with therapists around the world, Rifton has designed and manufactured rehab equipment for people with disabilities for almost over decades. The company is known throughout the industry for offering the most durable and the most adjustable equipment available. For more information, visit

Booth: 60, 67
Specializing in shape fitting technology, ROHO manufactures and distributes a variety of standard and custom size wheelchair cushions and accessories, replacement back systems, mattress overlays and mattress replacement systems.

Seating Dynamics
Booth: 45
Seating Dynamics is leading the world into dynamic movement for wheelchair users. Our innovative products allow for movement of the lower extremities, torso and head. These products are compatible with most commonly used rehab wheelchairs and while adding function they also increase the durability of the wheelchair.

SleepSafe Beds, LLC
Booth: 90
SLEEPSAFE® BEDS are available in three models offering safety rail protection ranging from 8 to 52 inches above the mattress depending on foundation choice. Safety rails can be quickly rotated out of the way to provide access. Safety, security and durability all in one bed. Made in USA.

Star Cushion Products, Inc.
Booth: 102, 103
Star Cushion is a manufacturer of high-quality air cell wheelchair cushions and mattresses. We are celebrating our 20th anniversary, and have evolved from a company that provided cost effective pricing and quick turnaround of traditional air cell cushions, to a leading innovator of air cell cushion designs with added stability and positioning.

Stealth Products
Booth: 8, 23
Stealth is a U.S. manufacturer with over 16 years of experience in the rehab market. Launched in 1999, Stealth Products began in response to a need for versatile, high quality head and neck positioning systems, as well as switch site location hardware. Today we have a team of more than 100 employees. Our product designers and engineers are able to produce any unique product requested. Due to the industry's growing needs, Stealth's product line now includes: Head and Body Support/Positioning, Joystick Mounts, Trays, Seating, and Pediatric Mobility products. Along with our excellent product line, we offer various training programs and top of the line customer service.

Sunrise Medical
Booth: 13, 14, 17, 18
Sunrise Medical is a world leader in the development, design, manufacture and distribution of manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, motorized scooters and both standard and customized seating and positioning systems. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn!

Booth: 19, 20
Stimulite® honeycomb cushions: Sustainably made in California, Supracor’s lightweight Stimulite® honeycomb cushions provide Total Pressure Management®— pressure relief, reduced shearing and ventilation to control heat and moisture—the key to pressure sore prevention. Made of advanced, eco-friendly materials that are hygienic and safe, Stimulite cushions are naturally antimicrobial and allergen free. Machine washable.

Switch It
Booth: 12
Switch It is a manufacturer of alternative drive controls and other related electronics for powered wheelchairs. We specialize in proportional drive controls and hybrid drive controls (switched AND proportional), and offer a full range of mounting options for the drive controls we manufacture.

Symmetric Designs Ltd.
Booth: 5
Symmetric Designs products include Free Form Seating, the Savant Headrest, the Axion Rotary Interface and orthopaedic neck braces. These products have a wide variety of application for a range of chronic and acute disabilities. They are of unique design based upon experience in rehabilitation engineering and clinical practice.

Therafin Corporation
Booth: 26, 27
Why Therafin? …because we believe in helping physically challenged individuals improve their quality of life with functional and innovative products… and we believe you do too. We want to help you touch people’s lives with solutions that convey dignity and respect.

Booth: 53, 54
Thomashilfen, means “Thomas Helps” in German. We design and manufacture pediatric wheelchairs/strollers and car seats. We offer specialty mattresses for people with various conditions. Thomashilfen North America, in Seattle, services our U.S. customers. In Canada, we are proudly represented by Advanced Health Care Products. Let us keep you moving!

Booth: 61, 66
TiLite evolved from the idea of developing manual wheelchairs that would combine made to measure customization with the most advanced materials. Attributes would help users remain independent longer, experience reduced body fatigue, and incur fewer posture-related issues. It’s inherent in the simplicity of the design, and the delivery of performance.

Top End
Booth: 110

Invacare Top End is the leading manufacturer of sport specific wheelchairs and hand cycles with models targeted for all levels of experience: beginner, intermediate and elite athletes. The benefits of sports and recreation activities are well-documented and enhance the rehabilitation outcomes.

Stop by our booth and try out our recreation or competitive hand cycles or a tennis, basketball, racing or off-road wheelchair. Mary Carol Peterson, occupational therapist, will be available to answer your questions and offer advice. She has over 20 years of experience working with clients that use sports and recreation.

Booth: 58, 59
VARILITE® air-foam floatation seating and positioning systems have provided skin protection and postural support since 1989. Designed with the wheelchair user, therapist and caregiver in mind, the comprehensive VARILITE® product line includes cushions, back supports, secondary supports as well as seating accessories. For more information about VARILITE® products, visit

Vista Medical Ltd.
Booth: 118
Vista Medical Ltd. Improves BodiTrak Pressure Mapping sytems with new WiFi connectivity. BodiTrak Dataports increase the usefulness of its BodiTrak Clinical seating assessment and BodiTrak Lite patient training systems by providing more freedom of movement and longer term monitoring of seating, support surface or operating room pad solutions.

Yamaha Motor IM America Inc.
Booth: 117
YAMAHA Motor manufacturers electric power assist and power add on wheels that can be added to manual wheelchairs. The YAMAHA power products provide many clinical benefits to clients by utilizing the very best of YAMAHA design and electrical expertise.